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Sip & Dip Painting:
Dear Cupid, Just Bring Wine!

Valentines Day themed Painting Class
Saturday, Feb 11th
6-8 p.m.
$25 per person

Tickets available online: www.art66studio.com

For this Valentines inspired painting, we not only celebrate the couples and love birds, but also the singles who love life as well. Celebrate with friends. Cheers!

For more info on tickets or if you have any questions regarding this event follow the link to Sip & Dip: McAllens’ Facebook event page.

Vulture Watch & Evening Walk

With Roxann Lerma
Wednesday, Feb 15th
4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
$3 or Free For Members
Did you know that vultures defecate on their legs in order to cool off? Vultures are nature’s recyclers: When they eat roadkill, they are sanitizing the environment, because when they digest the meat, any disease in the prey becomes neutralized. Join a naturalist to learn all about these cool facts, and others. Frontera has been a roosting site for wintering vultures for many years. After we watch the vultures, we’ll conclude with a night walk through the front orchard.

Moonlight Yoga
With Katie Lavalle
Tuesdays at 6 p.m.

Starting Feb 14th
Conclude your day with a restorative sunset yoga session on the lawn at Frontera Audubon. Let the natural serenity surrounding you guide you into a blissful state as Katie Lavallee leads a beginners series applicable for all levels. This is an open, understanding environment that warmly welcomes one and all and together we can strive for peace and progress.

Rainbow Child
Children’s Painting Class
Led by Diane Roman
Saturday, Feb 18th
10 a.m.
Ages 6-10
Limited Space Available. MUST pre-register!!

The story RAINBOW CHILD is based on a Hopi Indian legend about the future of the earth. In this legend, which is over 60,000 years od, the great trees are disappearing; animals disappear; and even the rainbow disappears. But, say the Hopis, children are coming; they are coming from the Great Star. And, they will be the ones who help bring back the great trees, the animals and even the rainbow. Children will see a painted story of this legend and then paint their own rainbow child and the colors working together to save the earth.

To sign up call or email:
Phone: (956) 968-3275
Email: Fronteraaudubon@gmail.com

Coming in March!

Native Honeybee Conservation:
Bee Strong Honey & Bee Removal
Led by Juan Luis Slayton
Join Juan Luis Slayton of Bee Strong Honey and Bee Removal to learn about bee biology, the importance of bees in the production of our food supply, nutritional benefits of hive products, and also how to conserve bees while staying safe from them, as some of the bees in the Rio Grande Valley are hybridized with African killer bees. Price is $3 per person.

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Phone: (956) 968-3275
Email: FronteraAudubon@gmail.com

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