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Yoga on the Lawn
Tuesdays at 6 pm

Conclude your day with a gentle and relaxing vinyasa flow while surrounded by beautiful scenery. Let the natural serenity surrounding you guide you into a blissful state as Brittany Castro leads a beginners series applicable for all levels. This is an open, understanding environment that warmly welcomes one and all and together we can strive for peace and progress.
**If you’d like to join our group text strictly for yoga to get updates on class changes or events in real time please send us an email with your name and phone number to: Fronteranature@gmail.com**

Morning Bird Walks
Thursdays at 8:30 am
Price of Admission or Free for Members

Join an experienced naturalist for a walk through our thicket. We’ll focus on birds, but if something else cool catches our eye, we’ll check it out too! Half of the species found in the entire United States have been spotted here in the Valley! Rarities in recent years have included Blue Bunting, Crimson-collared Grosbeak, and more!


The Nature Moods & Experiences
A Watercolor Painting Class for Homeschoolers
Ages 6 -10 
Weekly | Thursdays at 2 pm
                $10 per child / per class



Painting the Nature Moods:
The most important watercolor painting exercises are the Nature Moods. When painting these exercises, the children experience examples of how color processes are also nature processes. This helps them to connect with the world around them in a very real and truthful way. Art and nature are expressions of each other and belong together. When children experience painting as a nature process they form a direct creative link with the world around them. Our nature mood painting exercises bring these experiences to the children. Diane Roman-Goldsberry trained for over five years in this method of painting in Switzerland and delights in sharing these painting experiences with children in story form and color exercises.

To register please send your child’s name, age, and a parent/guardians name and contact info to FronteraNature@gmail.com.

*These classes are sponsored by the Raphael Cultural and Artistic Research Association, Inc*


The Art of Metamorphosis
Evening Art Presentation for Adults
Thursday, January 11th, 2018
6 pm




In Nature we see one form transform itself into another. Through the seasons we can observe the budding process of a plant in spring; we see it develop and form flowers through the summer; it then fruits in the fall, and finally withers and dies in the winter.
With developed color feeling, we can learn to see the color processes in these natural metamorphic processes. In this moment artist and nature scientist merge.
Join us for an evening to see how color and painting can serve both art and science.

Presented by Diane Roman-Goldsberry
To sign up:
Contact Frontera Audubon at FronteraNature@Gmail.com or (956) 968-3275


I Reach for the Stars
Children’s Painting Class
Ages 6 – 10 only
Saturday, January 13th, 2018 at 10 am




The depth of winter is the time for star stories. In I Reach For The Stars, children see a painted story about the creative power of a star. When we feel this ‘sun power’ in ourselves we can also shed light into the world through the beauty of our artistic creations. After the story, the children will paint two watercolor pictures in which they are reaching for and finding their stars.

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