Rare Birds at Frontera Audubon

Blue Bunting by Michael Enemaker

Blue Bunting by Michael Enemaker

This male Blue Bunting has been seen at Frontera Audubon since late January. It has been reported nearly everyday since. This is a life bird for many of our visitors who have traveled far and wide to see it. Another rarity in the park is the  female Crimson-collared Grosbeak (also seen nearly everyday) since late December. Other great birds people have recently spotted include the Black-headed Grosbeak and the Tropical Parula. Check out other great sightings on ebird here.

Due to the rare and unusual occurrence of these birds, we have extended our hours. We are now open 8am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and 12 noon to 5pm on Sunday (updated 4/7/2016). We will continue to extend the hours if the birds remain and will keep you updated on Facebook and our website.

Special thanks to all who have visited Frontera Audubon within the last few months. We hope you enjoyed your visit and will return soon!

Photo by Michael Emenaker.